From Trash to Art

Among the creative try outs I like to do and find the extra ordinary in the ordinary , Scarp art is another thing I am keen on  . I had displayed a few miniatures as  a part of an common exhibition a  very long time ( I guess it was posted on my former blog ) , Here is something I had done well last year  for the school’s art fest.

“Everything starts with a vision “

There was a  lot trash ( plastic waste , broken chairs , Broken play park utilities, electric channels and worn down roofing sheets) at school , waiting to be shipped out to the scrap yard , lucky I was able get hold of these in time 🙂  , So on Sunday after noon I make a little visit to the school’s  back yard and with the help of the resident , maintenance staff there , started to collect and pile up all that we could use for the Trash to Art project . Everything starts with a vision , and as these so called waste “treasures” where piling up ,.. the vision started to take shape for me


I know it doesn’t seem much other than  broken chairs and some old plastic dinner plates

The school was gracious enough to let me use a big class room , where I would be living ,  for the next 2 weeks .in putting it all together . At this point I would like to thank the resident staff for putting up with me for all the noise , dust and commotion all through the day and in to late nights .

Its starts taking shape :



Working through the structure was time taking and challenging , I had to make sure the materials used should be light enough to be carried down all the way from the 3rd floor!! ( oh  didn’t I mention that the big class room was on the 3rd floor ?? 😛  )  , also I couldn’t have it too light for the wind to blow it over .The 1st couple of days the structure was done .

Moving on : The fiber roofing materials were carefully stripped into shape and covered

Now on to adding the tail and the fins

  The 6 feet long  fish was finally starting to look alive, with tail and fins , its definitely started  taking shape, Now on to the paint job , by this time , it was almost week and a few days and now we were crunching for time as this was to be highlight of Art Fest coming up in a few days time .


The dorsal fins being wired on …


Voila !


Now to add in the colours 🙂  but 1st a wash of white


Basking in the sun drying up

I actually wanted to leave it white for art aspect of it but hey , its an art fest for kids at school , they sure would love some bright colours on it .

hings started to brighten up once the colours were thrown in …I was glad that I decided to go ahead with colouring it .


Now on to the detailing :

And finally on the eve of the Art Fest the huge blue fish made its way down stream  !!! errr  I am mean down stairs .. !

Art Fest :


Now a days its a fish out of water but still just doing fine  🙂


What was really interesting was that there were so many things used , broken ready to be discarded off some where else , it really drove home the concept of


Here we had used up most the scrap that we could get , I had help from the resident staff , the facilitators , if not directly involved but was very supporting . I thank you all for the support .

23 thoughts on “From Trash to Art

  1. Nice Concept, And wonderful result – Really the idea to color is making the huge fish “live & eye catching”.
    Again thumps up for your style of writing!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Patch! This is so very awesome and you are so visionary in your process. I love the color combination and it combines two of my favorite things….recycled materials used in art and art in public space!

    I didn’t catch how long the project to, but it is so impressive.

    Nicely done, friend.

    Liked by 2 people

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