Black Bird

Sunday Arts n Craft project with my nephew

Life Calls

My youngest nephew and I had some fun time this Sunday on a project . It’s been a while since  I spent some time with him . We decided to get some crazy creative crafts ( CCC !!! :P)  going- making a paper puppet black bird – Usually when such CCC hits  you don’t really have all that you need and you need to improvise. Lucky for us when my nephew and I decided to do this we had some  resources at home of which mainly was re-use . So come Sunday morning :-

Gathering the resources :-


All our stuff what we need lined up black chart – sheets of paper , scissors – colors but something was yet missing …


Oh right ! My – nephew -the main missing part ( now added ) 😛


3 big strips for the head body and wings

We then cut the big…

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