Pen Tree – The making

  A few months back  I got a call from a teacher  at a Govt high school, she and her red cross wing students have been collecting old and used up  ball point pens for some time now . She wanted me to see if I can do a scarp art instillation for her  in … Continue reading Pen Tree – The making

The Pen Tree

Commissioned scrap artwork for Govt High School Kutikatoor  – for Red Cross Day . Made from old discarded pens and plastic bottles .     To see the making please click here


What do you do when you clean out the Junk piling up at the attic ? – Well – you make a helicopter This is the basic shape that lead me to visualize the chopper , the big Oil Can The rest of accessories ( below )  that I collected , which many would be … Continue reading Helicopter


This heavy hard core multi weapon fly boy , was built from a oil can squirt cap  , contents that the rest was built on includes , CPU processor , computer hard ware , toy plastic parts look closely and you can notice a hot wheel car for the cockpit !! ..


Inspired by the many Mecha sci fi vehicles ..” Spacer “ Built on wheel bearings and broken hot wheels and toy parts  

BTS – Drone

Based off a car window handle ( roller ) comes Sci fi action Craft – BTS DRONE !

BTSP R-100

My last post on scarp art was on the fish for the art fest at school . Miniatures  is where it all began , I hope post the few scarp art pieces once exhibited at Trivandrum , VJT Hall . This was built from  a mint candy dispenser and the other attachments ( screws, nuts, bolts) … Continue reading BTSP R-100


Silicone base was made from a rechargeable ( broken obviously ) palm torch , that just happened to be laying around when this idea struck me  – I also used a the reader head from Hard Disk , and screws , nuts and bolts  … courtesy of my tinker box  🙂  

Flame Streak

From old door hinges to the engine components of Auto rickshaws – comes this vintage flying ace … Flame Streak