Scripts ‘n ‘Scribbles

On the plat form

Travelling, scribbles, and mixed medium: Water color, pen, pencil shades. I reached the train station,  on platform noticed that all the seats were occupied. I walked from one end to the other end looking for an empty seat. I stopped up on hearing a very audible voice that said ” Eh!! … no seats empty huh!! … Continue reading On the plat form

Sketching with guilt at 3:00 am

I  recently have been travelling a lot , especially long hours on  trains .I usually reserve the upper berth when  travelling at night, Once  I had reserved  the side lower berth. the opposite side where there are other 6 berths stacked up in 3’s over one another with the upper , middle and lower berths .The opposite side  … Continue reading Sketching with guilt at 3:00 am

House hunting

2005 – Trivandrum I was desperately searching for a good place to move in with my family, after a long and tiresome day, I finally found a nice and quiet place within our budget. I told the house agent that we have a 2-year toddler and looking for some quiet place to live in. Having said that I … Continue reading House hunting