On the plat form

Travelling, scribbles, and mixed medium: Water color, pen, pencil shades.

On the Platform _F.jpgI reached the train station,  on platform noticed that all the seats were occupied. I walked from one end to the other end looking for an empty seat. I stopped up on hearing a very audible voice that said

” Eh!! … no seats empty huh!! “

  I think I must have done a couple of to and fro, from one end to the other end, as I had caught the attention of this guy, slouching back, relaxing in his chair.  He continued to say condescending tone

” if you want seats you need to get out early!! “

There he was comfortably seated in his chair, smiling away at his position, looking at me searching for a place to sit. (yeah you meet such people everywhere). I smiled back and said

” Yeah I guess “

I turned away from him looking straight ahead, kind of feeling irritated with his tone rather than the words. At that point it just hit me. We are so blind at certain things. There I was looking at a completely empty platform opposite to where I was standing, with many empty seats. The only thing I had to do was climb the flight of stairs over to the other side. I checked the time, I still had a good 45 minutes left before my train pulled in. I went over to the other platform. Chose a seat positioned almost opposite to our friend sitting on the opposite platform, who now saw me settling down on a chair from many choices :). The distance between the two platforms weren’t that wide, for I could make out scorn on his face as I smiled and waved from my paradise of seats 🙂

After a while a train pulled over and a few passengers boarded the train and that left a few empty seats on the earlier platform. Our friend quickly took his back pack and placed it on the seat next to him and then took out a take away food pack and started to eat.

I thought of walking back and taking the empty seat next to him, but figured the view was better from my side 😛 . I took out my sketch book and started to scribble away …

On the Platform

At times we lose the sight of things when we look too closely , at times you need to broaden your view – chance you might get what you are searching for